Digy4, Product Launch Event – The Path to Testing Cloud – DigyCloud

Digy4, Product Launch Event – The Path to Testing Cloud - DigyCloud

San Francisco, CA, January 31, 2024 — Digy4, is a Canadian enterprise tech company focused on Quality Engineering, hosted their 2024 Product Launch and Roadmap event at IDEA Innovation Hub in Mississauga, Canada. An extraordinary gathering where individuals from diverse spheres, various roles, and different companies in Quality Engineering and beyond came together. They collaborated, shared thoughts, ideas, challenges, and visions.

The event was attended by leaders from Accenture, Tricentis, Perforce, Sunlife, Applitools, Joist, HCL, Applyboard and more.

Panel Discussion: The panel delved into various aspects of Canadian QE—industry insights, open discussions, tough questions, and thought-provoking ideas. A collaborative effort to elevate Canadian QE to the next level. The panel was moderated by Ari Rowland, Head of Accenture, QE Practice. Eminent speakers on the panel were:

Vijayanand Chelliahdhas: Global Director | Digital QE, HCL, Pushpinder Bhatia – Head of Infrastructure, Applyboard and Vicky Hicks: Director Global QE, SunLife Canada.

2024 Product Demo: A demonstration of Digy4’s latest product feature of the universal CXO Dashboard. custom dashboards for everyone, providing real-time metrics anywhere, anytime. Digy4 also presented a sneak peek view of their universal testing pipeline product Digy360.

Roadmap: Digy4 presented their roadmap for 2024 – DigyCloud, the first-ever Universal Testing Cloud. A collaborative cloud for QAOps, enabling the delivery of software with quality and pace. A cloud that makes tools accessible with seamless integration into pipelines and AI. The collaboration and immense interest in DigyCloud were heartening to witness.

Talking at the event. Digy4’s CEO, Parasar Saha mentioned “DigyCloud: A cloud poised to touch billions of lives by reducing software glitches due to quality issues. A cloud enabling every tester to focus on testing without worrying about building frameworks, dashboards, or pipelines. A cloud where engineering teams find all their data points to resolve issues faster, impacting billions in their day-to-day software transactions.”

Mission: A mission of collaboration to deliver software with quality and pace. A mission to build the first-ever cloud for testing.

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