DecenterAds Transforms Digital Advertising with Bid Price Multipliers

DecenterAds Transforms Digital Advertising with Bid Price Multipliers

New York, NY, January 25, 2024 — DecenterAds, a comprehensive ad tech platform, reinforces its role in the evolution of digital advertising through the deployment of Bid Price Multipliers. With a decade of dedicated service and strategic growth in the Asia-Pacific markets, including Singapore, India, China, and Japan, DecenterAds has become a trusted digital partner.

As a result of years of technological enhancement, Bid Price Multipliers empower users to set coefficients for specific bundles or domains. Seamlessly integrated into the program interface, these coefficients dynamically adjust the default bid of a campaign based on various parameters, enhancing flexibility and performance. Veronika Ivashkina, CEO at DecenterAds, highlights the significance of Bid Price Multipliers: “Our distinctive system has played a pivotal role in boosting the profitability of the businesses aligned with our mission.”

In the dynamic digital advertising landscape of the APAC markets, DecenterAds’ Bid Price Multipliers offer a strategic advantage. The platform’s advanced optimization algorithms have effectively reduced unproductive traffic, resulting in significant computing power and resource savings for partners.

DecenterAds’ innovative approach empowers local advertising agencies and technology platforms in Singapore, India, China, and Japan to create universal ad campaigns with tailored settings for diverse geolocations. Partners can fine-tune base bid modifications, considering factors like geolocation, bundled options, applications, and user-defined parameters. The Bid Price Multipliers seamlessly integrates with the platform’s auto rules, providing enhanced advertising control.

Their team’s wealth of experience underscores DecenterAds’ commitment to fostering an ecosystem that balances traffic demand and trust, consistently achieving outstanding results by establishing solid collaborations with advertisers, publishers, broadcasters, and rights holders throughout the APAC region.

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