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Concord Servicing

Scottsdale, AZ, January 08, 2024 – Founded in 2022, Skylight has grown quickly alongside the booming U.S. residential solar market. As demand increased for the company’s lending products, leaders at Skylight knew they needed a loan servicing partner that could support their growing portfolio. Impressed with Concord’s strong reputation as a leader in both the solar and home improvement industries, the company decided to partner with them for loan servicing.

“Concord has really helped us to incorporate automation and gain efficiencies in our operations,” said Thomas Dungan, Chief Executive Officer, Skylight Lending. “As a result of that automation, time is the commodity that we got back, and it’s been invaluable. Because now we can spend that time making our origination process more seamless, or finding new bank buying partners that will be a better fit for our long-term growth.”

Concord worked with Skylight to complete the full onboarding and implementation process In just six short weeks.

“We knew that we needed to partner with a provider we could rely on – one that could scale with us as we looked toward the future,” said Dungan. “It was very reassuring to see that Concord was able to meet our initial implementation timeline. Finding a partner like that is not only great for our future operations, but it gives us the feeling that we’re both pursuing a mutual success.”

Both companies share a strong commitment to supporting America’s clean energy future. They are paving the way for that future by helping to make solar investments easier and more accessible for homeowners.

“Concord is thrilled to have Skylight Lending as our newest client in the residential solar space,” said Shaun O’Neill, President, Concord Servicing. “Our expertise with solar financing complexities and our ability to scale quickly to accommodate future growth aligns perfectly with Skylight’s long-term goals as a lender in the growing clean energy and home improvement sectors.”

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