Bugatti and charity Semeurs d’Étoiles create memorable Christmas moments for children at Strasbourg hospital


Bugatti’s legacy is not merely defined by its iconic hyper sports cars but also the relationships the marque has cultivated within its birth place, Molsheim, and the local community. Aligned with this belief, Bugatti embraced the festive spirit, surprising children at Strasbourg hospital with exciting Christmas gifts and bestowing a generous endowment to Semeurs d’Étoiles, a local charity whose mission centers upon the care and wellbeing of hospitalized children as well as fully assisting their parents.

A time for giving, Christmas provided the perfect backdrop for Bugatti to pay a special visit to Semeurs d’Étoiles. Founded by Père Denis Ledogard and based at the Hautepierre hospital in Strasbourg, the association dedicates itself to the wellbeing and welfare of children and their parents that rely on the medical services and specialist teams located at the hospital, helping them with travel and accommodation costs as well as making their stay as comfortable as possible.
On Wednesday December 20, Bugatti President, Christophe Piochon, and Personal Assistant to the Managing Director, Isabelle Wabnitz, devoted some time to the association and the hospital, engaging with the young patients and medical staff as well as delivering a selection of carefully curated Christmas gifts. As the children opened their gifts – which were carefully prepared by Bugatti teams in Molsheim – the entire medical service was filled with smiles, laughter and festive joy.

Bugatti’s unwavering support to the association and the hospital extended beyond the gifts, as the marque presented a generous donation to Père Ledogard and Semeurs d’Étoiles – represented by its President Nicole Martin-Spittler – that will help fund the fantastic work the charity undertakes.

“We are absolutely honored to have the support and generosity of a company like Bugatti. The donation will be instrumental in helping us to continue to do the work we cherish and love; important patient services that are wholly dedicated to the wellbeing and welfare of children and their parents that need hospital services. But, in addition to the donation, Bugatti also brought its allure and magic to sprinkle within the hospital, bringing joy and delight to everyone. The gifts and the day out experiences to Molsheim literally are dream-come-true moments for our children.”


The visit also included a very special delivery of two drivable electric Bugatti models, enabling the children to experience the unique magic and excitement that is part of Bugatti’s emotional compass. Working with different associations – including Semeurs d’Étoiles – Bugatti regularly welcomes children and their parents to its historic headquarters in Molsheim as part of an immersive and captivating day out, offering them the chance to step away from medical wards and dive into the magical world of Bugatti. The day out to Molsheim is a thrilling moment, serving to delight and amaze the children. In most cases, excitement peaks when the visiting child is offered a passenger drive in one of the brand’s famous hyper sports cars, in the process making dreams come true and creating once-in-a-lifetime memories. Unfortunately, however, the opportunity to visit the home of Bugatti is not a realistic one for all the children, with some patients not being able to leave their hospital rooms. Yet in true Bugatti form – making the impossible possible – for those children, Bugatti brought the Molsheim day out experience to their rooms within the hospital, delivering two exquisite electric Bugatti models along with other Bugatti gifts, ensuring every child captured a special Bugatti memory for Christmas.

“In the spirit of Christmas, it is important for us to help these children forget – for a while at least – about being in hospital and to show our support for the people who are doing so much to help them and their parents. Bugatti is always happy to offer children the chance to experience a Bugatti passenger ride, but we wanted to bring the joy of the season to those who cannot step out of their hospital rooms. Semeurs d’Étoiles, with the help of the medical staff at Hautepierre hospital, remains true in its efforts to ensure that children and their parents can feel as comfortable and at ease as possible during their stay in the hospital. And in this respect, it is essential for everyone at Bugatti that we continue to do what we can to help with such a fulfilling and compassionate mission.”


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