Benchmark International Successfully Facilitated the Transaction Between Espresso Parts, LLC and Diversified Foodservice Supply, LLC

Lacey, WA, February 10, 2024 –Benchmark International is pleased to announce the transaction between Espresso Parts, LLC and Diversified Foodservice Supply, LLC. The target reason for the acquisition was strategic expansion.

Espresso Parts operates as an e-commerce supplier specializing in commercial coffee equipment. Since its establishment in 1993, the company has catered to businesses and individuals, offering a diverse range of products and services tailored to the coffee industry.

Diversified Foodservice Supply comprises a conglomerate of brands that provide commercial food service equipment and supplies. With a nationwide presence, the company boasts one of the most extensive product catalogs in the industry, catering to diverse needs and preferences across various sectors.

The synergies between the two parties were evident from the start of the conversations and led to an efficient deal completion timeline. Both the buyer’s and seller’s teams, alongside their advisors, churned through a quick yet intensive due diligence process. Both parties are incredibly pleased with the outcome.

“This deal was a prime example of the Benchmark International process proving its efficacy. It’s always great to see a seller find their perfect buyer – we wish both parties nothing but success moving forward.”- Transaction Associate Haden Buckman, Benchmark International

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