Barbeque Nation at Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur hosts The Exclusive Coast To Coast Food Festival

Barbeque Nation at Sayaji Hotel, Kolhapur, is set to host the Coast to Coast Food Festival, an exclusive culinary event that aims to offer a diverse range of ocean-inspired flavors to its patrons. Seafood enthusiasts are invited to indulge in a 10-day celebration of the ocean’s bounty starting from January 12th, 2024.

Coast to Coast Food Festival - Sayaji Hotel

This festival is a tribute to culinary creativity, showcasing a variety of succulent seafood dishes inspired by the coastal regions of the Bay of Bengal. From tandoori crab to grilled octopus with caper pepper sauce, prawns grilled in coconut and lime sauce, buttery grilled salmon to mouth-watering shark steak with pineapple mojo, the menu promises a delightful array of options.

“We are delighted to present the Coast to Coast Food Festival at Sayaji Hotel, Kolhapur. This culinary celebration is a testament to our passion for bringing diverse flavors to our patrons. Drawing inspiration from the coastal regions, we have crafted a menu that reflects the richness of the ocean’s bounty. Our focus is on delivering an authentic and memorable dining experience, allowing guests to savor the freshness and depth of flavors in each dish.” – Chef Kishan Gunjal, Executive Chef, Sayaji Hotel, Kolhapur.

Barbeque Nation- Sayaji Hotel, Kolhapur

To enhance the coastal experience, the restaurant will be adorned with thematic decor such as nets, boats, and seashells. Sous Chef Attar Singh Rana, with 18 years of experience and extensive culinary knowledge in multiple international cuisines, has curated a seafood-rich menu to ensure a memorable dining experience.

Chef Rana expressed his commitment to sourcing the best and freshest catch for patrons during the winter season. Drawing on his expertise in Chinese, Indian, and Western cuisine, he aims to create exquisite dishes that highlight the freshness and flavors of the seafood.

Guests can immerse themselves in a culinary adventure that reflects the essence of coastal dining at the Coast to Coast Food Festival at Sayaji Hotel, Kolhapur.

Event-Coast to Coast

Dates- 12th January, 2024 – 21st January, 2024.

Venue- Barbeque Nation, Sayaji Hotel, Kolhapur.

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