Kartik Aaryan’s “Chandu Champion” Strikes Gold at the Box Office

Chandu Champion
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June 18, 2024 –
“Chandu Champion,” the latest biographical sports drama starring Kartik Aaryan and directed by Kabir Khan, has made an impressive mark at the box office within its first weekend of release. Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, the film chronicles the inspiring journey of Murlikant Petkar, India’s first Paralympics gold medallist.

Opening to a promising start, “Chandu Champion” collected Rs 24.11 crore over its debut weekend. The film initially earned 5.40 crore on its release day, followed by a substantial increase to 7.70 crore on Saturday. Sunday saw a remarkable surge with collections doubling to 11.01 crore, highlighting its growing popularity among audiences. This positive momentum continued into Monday, adding another 6.01 crore to its box office total.

Kartik Aaryan’s portrayal of Murlikant Petkar has been widely praised for its authenticity and dedication to the character’s nuances, bringing his inspiring story to life on screen. Directed by Kabir Khan, the film’s emphasis on storytelling subtlety and simplicity has resonated well with viewers, contributing to its successful box office performance.

With a cumulative total of 30.12 crore within its first four days, “Chandu Champion” continues to draw audiences with its compelling narrative of resilience and determination.

Stay tuned for more updates on “Chandu Champion” as it continues to make waves in theaters nationwide.

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