BJP Government to Introduce Rice ATMs Across the State

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21st June 2024- The BJP government announced on Thursday its plan to set up rice ATMs across the state to streamline the distribution of food grains to beneficiaries under the national food security programme. In a significant move to enhance accessibility and efficiency, the first rice ATM is set to be installed in the capital city, Bhubaneswar, within a week.

Following a high-level meeting, Minister of Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare, Krushna Chandra Patra, confirmed the initial installation in Bhubaneswar, with ambitious plans to expand the facility to all districts in the state. “The ATM will allow beneficiaries to insert their cards and receive their monthly quota of rice,” explained Patra.

This initiative aims to provide a more convenient and automated method for beneficiaries to obtain their allotted food grains, reducing the reliance on traditional distribution centres and minimizing potential delays or shortages.

The rice ATM system represents a modern approach to public food distribution, ensuring that the benefits of the national food security programme reach the intended recipients efficiently and transparently.

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