DPS Indirapuram Empowers Teachers Through Yoga on International Yoga Day

DPS Indirapuram commemorated International Yoga Day with enriching yoga sessions for teachers across four venues. The sessions aimed to enhance teachers’ awareness and practice of Yoga, focusing on its myriad benefits for physical and emotional well-being and overall health.

DPSI Yoga Day-1

Led by experienced instructors, the sessions delved into various yoga poses and postures beneficial for female health, addressing issues such as General Fitness, Therapeutic Needs (including Cervical Spondylitis and Backache Problems), and Leg and knee ailments. A particular highlight was introducing yoga nidra, which promotes deep relaxation and stress relief. The skilled yoga instructors guided the teachers through various yoga practices and explained the importance of Yoga in life, leaving everyone intrigued and excited to practice it daily.

Mrs Priya John, Principal of DPS Indirapuram, emphasized the significance of integrating yoga into daily life, stating, “Yoga is not just about physical exercise but a holistic approach to health and empowerment. These sessions aimed to equip our teachers with tools to enhance their well-being, enabling them to excel personally and professionally. It not only helps with overall fitness and stress relief but also helps boost confidence in life. The initiative underscores our commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and fostering a supportive environment for our faculty.”

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